Mobile full service from the master workshop

BODO is known for the fact that your machinery will be in use on the construction site within a very short space of time. The employees of the BODO master workshop work in a highly specialised manner as construction and agricultural machinery mechanics, industrial mechanics, technicians and locksmiths. They also have the perfect equipment and training to ensure that ongoing machine operation is maintained.

The BODO service mobility range provides services that you can use on demand:


  • Integrated purchase processing
Vehicle registration
  • Completion of customs formalities
  • Provision of shipping papers
  • Organisation of transport


  • Technical support
Training sessions and briefings

  • Own spare parts warehouse
  • Delivery of spare machinery within 48 hours in the event of failure

  • Painting and labelling

  • Workshop
  • Cleaning


  • Purchase of commercial vehicles and construction machinery
  • Hire and leasing offers
  • Financing
  • Outsourcing offers


BODO advises you. In a competent, committed and personal manner.

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