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Some recent sales exemples of BODO Int. GmbH & CO. KG


Recently we sold to the company Tehran Shomal Freeway (Iran) a used large surface paver Gomaco GP4000, suitable for 2-layer production with IDBI incl. TC600.

The company is responsible for the construction and repair of the roads in Iran.


  The machine was assembled on-site by BODO personnel and operator training was performed on the machine.


  We sold a Commander III (3Trk) to Massana Construction (USA), a successful medium-sized road and bridge construction company. Massana Construction has already 4 GOMACO machines (pavers) and has now bought the 5th machine.
Massana Construction relies on BODO / GOMACO and is absolutely convinced.







A Gomaco GP-2400 was sold with tunnel paving screed to Implenia Schweiz AG, the leading construction and construction services company. 

The paver is currently being used to pave ultra high strength concrete (UHSC).





In the international market we sold a Gomaco GHP-2800 and T/C-600 to Russia.

The machine is currently being used at Pulkovo International Airport in St. Petersburg. 





We sold a highly intelligent Gomaco GP3 concrete slipform paver, which has numerous potential uses, to Specogna Bau AG based in Switzerland.

This paver was also used on military compounds, to name but one example.

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