• High-volume placer with high-speed mobility.
  • The auger-style receiving hopper is 10.75 feet (3.28 m) wide and working capacity is 4.75 cubic yards (3.63 m3). Equipped with pivoting roller or quick-hitch for truck pusher.
  • Hopper features 12 inch (305 mm) hydraulic vertical adjustment to allow for gate height on end dump trucks. Shaft-mounted eccentric vibrators provide vibration for emptying the hopper after each load and increased owability.
  • 36 inch (914 mm) wide transfer conveyor moves material quickly to the rear placing conveyor at speeds up to 608 feet per minute (185 mpm).
  • 35 foot (10.67 m) long and 36 inch (914 mm) wide, hydraulically folding, rear placing conveyor. 12 foot (3.66 m) hydraulic elevation adjustment and 170 degree hydraulic swing.
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