• The CF-790 cylinder finisher is specifically designed for finishing wider width canals.
  • The frame has welded steel tubular lattice-type upper structure with end-car mounted crawler tracks. The sub-frame is made up of welded high strength steel lattice panels, with pin-connected sections providing fast setup time and the versatility for frame widths up to 72 feet (22 m).
  • The CF-790 will accommodate slopes from 4:1 to 1:1.
  • Self-contained hydraulic console with easy-to-operate controls. It features an automated grade and steering control system.
  • The CF-790 can be equipped with frame-mounted slipforms with adjustable framework across the rear of the slipforms for controlling the  nished slab width.
  • The bottom frame can be partially disassembled, and the remaining slope frames, along with the finishing carriages, can be winched up under the upper structure for ease in moving in and out of canals and for transporting from one project to another.
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