GMair35 is an efficient, simple to use and maintain compressor. Everything superfluous has been eliminated to produce compressed air with as little fuel as possible.

The GMair35 compressor is powered by a 16-litre Scania V8 engine and equipped with a GHH Rand screw. The high efficiency is ensured by a hydraulic variable-speed cooling fan that operates only on demand.

The GMair35 compressor only uses the most reliable components on the market, with special attention paid to ease of maintenance. The user interface is intuitive, and the device itself is extremely simple to use. Thanks to the compact design, the compressor is also easy to transport from one site to another, either separately or as a fixed installation on a truck bed.

The compressor is now available with an auxiliary air tank and compressed air cooling/drying. Depending on the drilling method, it can also be equipped with an optional GMTrackerDTH data-logger software, allowing for easy performance monitoring and usage data logging for further use. Especially a lot of time is saved by using an auxiliary air tank during the filling phase of the drill rods, so the actual drilling can start earlier. The auxiliary air tank is filled during the addition of rods.

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