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When it comes to advice, sales and service, BODO is your GOMACO expert contact who will deal with your requirements and requests.The extensive range of machinery and vehicles from the US corporate group GOMACO offers an ideal basis for BODO to fully satisfy its customers’ needs.

GOMACO products are one-of-a-kind in terms of the versatility of their potential uses. GOMACO is the world market leader in the field of concrete technology, not least due to its innovative spirit. Since it was established 60 years ago, GOMACO has continuously promoted, and therefore built its long-term success on, its products’ qualities with regard to processing and ease of use.



The addition of Tewill to the portfolio was the logical consequence of the intensive years in the concrete sector. Tecwill is one of the world's leading manufacturers of mobile and stationary concrete batching and mixing plants. as well as batch control systems, offering its customers reliable and modern solutions for the production of high-quality concrete. BODO proudly represents the strong and innovative finnish company on the German speaking market.

In 2024 BODO was appointed the new German sales Partner for Geomachine OY.  It is Geomachine's mission to lead geothermal drilling into a new, more productve era.

Geomachine was founded in 1984 to offer drilling rigs for geotechnical and geological soil investigations and geothermal drilling. Their multi-purpose drilling rigs are designed to operate in the most demanding conditions; in other words, in multi-layered ground shaped by the Ice Age. Since it can drill into soil shaped by the Ice Age, it will work anywhere.

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